Please follow these few quick tips below to help you while posting your ad;


  1. A description of your ad is very important as it gives your customers more details about what you are selling or offering.
  2. Please ensure that you write a description of your ad, at least 250 words
  3. PLEASE NOTE: Don’t group ads, post your ads individually. Example: Don’t post “We offer decor, flowers, tents, seats and tables”. Please post a different ad for decor, a different ad for flowers, a different ad for tents, a different ad for seats and a different ad for tables. 


  1. Under “Listing Category” ONLY select one category
  2. DON’T select any category written in capital letters. These categories are there to guide you when posting.
  3. If you select categories written in capital letters, your ad will not be visible to many people


  1. Amenities are just like tags, they tell your customer what your add is about
  2. Select as many amenities as possible


  1. Tags are single words that should easily tell your customer what your add is about
  2. Use as many tags as possible

Working days:

  1. By default, the options you see under “Pick working days” are for Monday only. Please individually click on every day, from Monday to Sunday, and set the time
  2. Please don’t skip this part because if you do, your ad will show “closed” all the time


  1. Use clear and sharp pictures
  2. Ensure that the pictures you post are not dark and are clearly visible 
  3. Use pictures that can easily tell what your add is all about
  4. Don’t just use one picture. Post as many pictures as possible